Manage your finances together, effortlessly.

With Wallio, you can easily plan, organize, and manage your family's banking, spending, savings, and assets in one place.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to effortless collaboration.

With the ability to invite up to six friends and family members, you can easily plan, organize, and manage your traditional banking, spending, savings, and assets together.

Achieve your financial goals, together.

Keep your family's finances on track by setting spending and savings goals for different categories. With Wallio, you can stay organized and work towards your financial objectives as a team.

Peace of mind for parents and guardians.

With Wallio Shield, transactions made by individuals under 18 require parental approval, giving you peace of mind and teaching responsible financial habits. Empower your child while keeping them protected.

Start Managing Money Together

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What Our Users Say

Discover how Wallio has transformed
the financial lives of couples and families

“My partner and I are finally on the same page with our finances.”

Fernando H.

“As a caregiver to my elderly parents, Wallio has been a game-changer. It allows me to monitor transactions and ensure their financial well-being.”

Jordan M.

“I love how Wallio categorizes our sub accounts, making it easy to see where our money is going.”

Jeannette L.

“It's a must-have app for anyone looking to take control of their money.”

Martin D.

“It's so convenient to have all our accounts in one place and easily track our spending.”

Mike W.

“I highly recommend Wallio to all busy parents out there. It saves us sooooo much time and effort by consolidating our family's financial accounts in one place.”

Erica R.

“We're so much more proactive in managing our money now.”

Blake S.

“Wallio has made budgeting so much easier and we've been able to save more money than ever before.”

Ivan W.

“Love always knowing that our children's spending is monitored and approved by us!”

Dave R.

“We've actually been able to have open conversations about money and make better financial decisions as a couple.”

Leonard S.

“I love how Wallio sends me personalized alerts and reminders to help me stay on track with my budget.”

Adam K.

“We're breaking free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.”

Katelyn B.

“Wallio's auto-categorize feature has saved me a ton time and made it easier to understand my spending patterns.”

Cody W.

“I'm more motivated to save more and reach my financial milestones!”

Natalie C.

“I can monitor my parent's investments and make informed decisions to grow their retirement savings.”

Kelly M.

“I've been able to save for the things that matter most to me.”

Lily W.

“Wallio's spending insights have been an eye-opener for my 17 and 14 year old. They can see where their money is going and identify areas where they can cut back, leading to more mindful spending habits.”

Matthew O.

“It's so much easier for me to track my expenses and stay on top of my bills!”

Latoya J.

“Thanks to Wallio, my daugther has become more aware of their spending habits and has learned the importance of distinguishing between needs and wants.”

Jay R.

“It's perfect for anyone who want to take control of their finances.”

Paulette A.

“Wallio's automatic expense tracking has saved me so much time. I no longer need to manually input my transactions.”

Virginia P.

“Using Wallio has been a game-changer for me as a parent, allowing me to monitor my child's spending and savings online and teach them valuable lessons.”

Grant M.

“Wallio has made budgeting a fun and interactive experience for me and my family!”

Cara T.

“Wallio's  insights have helped me identify areas where my mom and dad can save money and make their retirement funds last longer.”

Ray H.

“I can easily track my parent's expenses and make sure their bills are paid on time.”

Simone S.

“I've been able to build an emergency fund and feel secure in case of unexpected expenses.”

Daryl R.

“Wallio has made me more conscious of my spending habits. I now think twice before making impulsive purchases.”

Ali M.

“It's like having a personal finance advisor at my fingertips.”

Thomas B.

“Wallio's educational resources have empowered me to teach my 13 year old about investing, setting them up for long-term financial success.”

Maryann F.

“I have a clear overview of my expenses and savings. It has made budgeting so much easier!”

Kenny S.